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Step-by-Step Guide to the Admission Process for the Second Academic Period of 2017

The following guide aims to familiarize aspirants with the most important steps in the development of the admission process. Here you will find 9 steps or milestones that will show the dates and the procedure that you must keep in mind to participate in the call and be admitted to a curricular program of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in the second academic semester of 2017.

Note that…

  • To be admitted to any of the curricular graduate programs, applicants must consult with the curriculum of their interest the requirements that must comply. For example, you must check the information about knowledge test, resume, interview, foreign language; as well as the dates of the admission process and other information related to it.
The process of regular admission to the graduate curricular programs may be carried out several times during the same academic period.
Remember that not all curricular programs are offered every semester. The applicant must check the calendar for the admission process of the program they would like to be admitted to. This information is available in the different Directions of curricular programs. 
Each curricular program can define different dates to those established in the present Guide. That is the reason why it is necessary that every applicant checks the admission dates with the curricular program of their interest.