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Frequent Questions

All the information related to aspects of each of the offered programs must be consulted by the applicant, in the website of each Faculty or in the coordinating office of the graduate program of their interest.

Go to the website, through the “Posgrados” link, and the option “Oferta de Programas Curriculares”, you will find the Camus, Faculty and Programs offered.

  • In any branch of the Banco Popular around the country. Payments made in banks of the Grupo AVAL are not valid.
  • Electronic payment: check the website
    • Read all the instructions on the website carefully.
    • Select “See Catalogue of National Level Services”.
    • Select from the drop-down list "Enrollments", then "Graduate Enrollments".
    • Fill out the form.
    • Choose the payment method and the process will be carried out before the financial institution.

Once the transaction is completed, you will find the link "Continue Registration". If this is your wish, follow the link and you can formalize your registration. Please note that at the time of registration you are asked for the "transaction number" and the "confirmation number", please remember that you must have noted them or have the copy of the voucher sent to the registered email at the time of registration. Enter these numbers in the requested step and continue with the formalization process.

Before making the payment of the registration fees, the applicant must verify that the program of their interest is offered in the current admission call.


If payment is made and the program is NOT offered, you can save the PIN or transaction number and confirmation (if you made a virtual payment) for a next call, as long as you do not use it. Under no circumstances will the payment made be refunded.

You can formalize your registration and attach a certification of completion of studies to the documentation requested by the Faculty that offers the Curricular Program.


If admitted, “ Article 5, Paragraph.  Whoever during the admission process does not hold the university professional title must present a certificate of completion of studies issued by the institution where he / she studied undergraduate. The admitted must deliver the diploma at the Faculty Secretary, no later than the last week of the academic period corresponding to their first enrollment; otherwise, the admission process will be invalidated and the initial registration will be canceled…” (Resolution 035, 2014 of the Academic Vice Rector)

Yes. Applicants for graduate programs may enroll and be admitted to more than one academic program.

Check the Agreement 008, 2008 of the Superior Council of the University, article 49 and the Resolution 035, 2014 of the Academic Vice Rector "Whereby the admission to graduate programs of the Universidad National de Colombia are regulated".

Data related to the Professional Card are not mandatory. Consult the admission requirements at the coordinating office of the graduate academic program of your interest.

All data that does not fit your particular case must be filled out with N / A (Not Applicable).

Check the section Issuance of Certificates.

The National Direction of Admissions only issues certificates to candidates who made their admission process since 2005.

  • ¿Cómo debo hacer el proceso de inscripción?
  • Para inscribirse debe pagar los derechos correspondientes y realizar el formulario electrónico de formalización de la inscripción dentro del cronograma establecido para la convocatoria. En este formulario encontrará un campo en el cual debe reportar el tipo de discapacidad que posee. Solamente si requiere de ajustes razonables para la presentación de la prueba de admisión, debe dentro de las fechas establecidas enviar al correo electrónico la documentación solicitada en Aspirantes con discapacidad, y diligenciar el formato de encuesta a través del enlace que le será enviado al correo electrónico reportado durante la formalización de la inscripción.
  • ¿Qué apoyos me brinda la Universidad en el proceso de admisión?
  • Dependiendo de su situación, se realizarán ajustes razonables que faciliten su presentación de la prueba de admisión. Dichos ajustes pueden comprender adecuaciones físicas y logísticas, ajuste del tiempo estimado para presentar la prueba, acompañamiento individual ya sea por un lector o intérprete de Lengua de Señas Colombiana, la implementación de apoyos técnicos disponibles, entre otros.
  • ¿Tengo privilegio en la asignación de cupos?
  • Dado que para el ingreso a la Universidad Nacional prevalece el mérito académico, los aspirantes con discapacidad no reciben un trato preferencial en términos de la asignación de cupos.
  • ¿Qué apoyos me dará la universidad para cursar mi carrera profesional?
  • Una vez tenga la condición de admitido y si requiere de apoyo para su permanencia en la Universidad, debe comunicarse con la Dirección Nacional de Bienestar Universitario quien ofrece programas de acompañamiento integral a los estudiantes con discapacidad.