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Early Admission to the Graduate Course

The greement 026, 2012 of the Academic Council, "whereby it is defined the criteria for the regulation of the subject “Degree Work” for undergraduate programs of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and the Resolution 022, 2011 of the Academic Vice Rector is repealed”, in article 17 defines the early admission to graduate programs.
Undergraduate students who wish to take graduate subjects as a degree option must observe one of the following two modalities:

  • No early admission to graduate program: by requesting the Faculty to authorize the inscription of the subjects in the SIA. If the student fulfills the academic conditions, it will be allowed. Once the student finishes their undergraduate program and if they want to enter the graduate program, they must present themselves to the admission process as a regular candidate. Thus, they pay the registration fees, enroll in the admission process, take the admission test and if admitted, they will be able to enter as a regular student of the postgraduate program.
  • Early admission to the graduate program: Students who are interested in studying the graduate program must participate in the Early Admissions modality. They must request to the Coordinator of the graduate program the authorization to appear as an applicant for Early Admission to the graduate program. If authorized, the applicant must register, take the admission test; and if admitted, they will be able to take the graduate subjects.
Once the student has finished their undergraduate, and if they want to continue as a graduate student, they must request the Advisory Committee of the Graduate Program to authorized them as regular students of the graduate program. The Faculty must complete the form Formalization of Admission for Students with Early Admissions to Graduate Programs U-FT-05.002.013, to the National Admissions Office.