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Automatic Admission

The Agreement 070, 2009 of the Academic Council, "whereby some stimuli and distinctions are regulated for the students of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia”, articles 1-9 define the Automatic Admission.
  • Es el proceso por el cual se seleccionan los mejores estudiantes de pregrado de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, que pueden ingresar por una única vez, a un programa curricular de posgrado, sin participar en el proceso de selección, siempre que haya cupos disponibles.
It is the process by which the best undergraduate students of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia are selected to be admitted for a single time, to a graduate program, without participating in the selection process, whenever places are available. Graduates interested in aspiring to an automatic admission place must submit a personal request to the Faculty of the graduate program they are interested in. They must do so according to the date established by the National Admissions Office within the regular admission process calendar. The Faculty Councils will study, under criteria of equity in the allocation, the cases. Once the places have been allocated, the Secretary of Faculty notifies the graduates, who must express their acceptance or not of the place granted by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The secretary of the Faculty refers to the National Admissions Office, completing the Graduate Automatic Admission Application Form U-FT-05.002.015, for the formalization of the admission.