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Applicants outside Colombia

For general information on the Curricular Programs of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia see the website
Check the Step-by-Step Guide of the Admission Process
  • 1. Review the terms of the admission call

    In the graduate section of our page, you will find the graduate programs offered in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The information about the requirements must be consulted on the website of each faculty. Note that even though these calls are carried out every semester, in each of them the same programs are not offered. This means that not all graduate programs offered at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia have a semi-annual offer periodicity.

  • 2. Review enrollment requirements for the program of your interest

    On the website, go to the section "Curricular Programs" of the graduate section. You will find a hyperlink to the page of each faculty where you will find the graduate programs offered in the corresponding call. There, you will find information on each of them, including the specific enrollment requirements for each program, the required documentation and the exact address you should send it to. In addition, these pages include contact information, to request information that is not found published in them.

  • 3. Establish if there are additional requirements for foreigners and / or arrange virtual interview

    Foreign applicants must keep in mind that, according to the graduate program, there may be additional requirements for them. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT that, before starting the registration procedures, they should contact the Curricular Coordination of the graduate program in order to establish whether they comply with those additional requirements. It is necessary to agree with the teacher Coordinator of the Program the possibility of conducting a virtual interview.

  • 4. Make the payment of registration fees and obtain the transaction number and confirmation number with which you can formalize your registration

    Applicants who carry out the procedure from abroad must pay the registration fees to the Universidad de Colombia by means of the electronic payment service on the website the amount of 175 USD.

    • Read all the instructions on the website carefully.
    • Select "View Catalogue of National Level Services".
    • Select from the drop-down list " GRADUATE REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENT IN USD"
    • Fill out the form.
    • Choose the payment method and the process will be carried out before the financial institution.

    Once the transaction is completed, you will find the link "Continue Registration". If this is your wish, follow the link and you can formalize your registration. Please note that at the time of registration you are asked for the "transaction number" and the "confirmation number", please remember that you must have noted them or have the copy of the voucher sent to the registered email at the time of registration. Enter these numbers in the requested step and continue with the formalization process.

  • 5. Formalize the registration 

    For the formalization of the inscription, consult the Step-by-Step Guide. Having already a transaction number and a confirmation number assigned, you must proceed to formalize the registration within the established schedule, in the page selecting the graduate process.

    For the Formalization of the inscription, consider the following information:

    • A foreign citizen must identify with Alien Certificate or Passport
    • In the field “Estrato”, enter the zero (0) option.
    • In the field “Departamento de nacimiento y/o Departamento de residencia”, select the option "Dpto. Extranjero"
    • In the field “Ciudad de nacimiento y/o Ciudad de Residencia", select the option “Ciudad extranjero".
    • If you are a foreigner, enter "0" in the fields " "Libreta Militar" and "Distrito Militar”.
    • If the University from which you are a graduate is not in the list, select the fields “Universidad” and "Título universitario obtenido" the option "otra".

    Check the Consulates list.

  • 6. Send the documents within the established calendar

    Send the documentation (resume, portfolio, essays, preliminary project and other documentation), within the established dates, as required by each curriculum. Remember that the information about the required documentation should be consulted DIRECTLY on the website of the respective program. 

  • 7. Consult the Admission Test date

    The date for initial tests will be published via Internet at the website according to the schedule established in the corresponding call.

  • 8. Take the written tests via the Web

    According to the place and time indicated, take the written tests scheduled. Remember that these tests consist of knowledge and / or proficiency in a foreign language.

  • 9. Consult your date for interview, presentation of essays, preliminary projects, etc.

    Do it directly with the Curricular Coordination of the graduate program in which you formalized the inscription, according to the contact data published in the website of the program.

  • 10. Take the final tests 

    If you were called, as agreed with the Curricular Coordination of the postgraduate program.

  • 11. Consult the results 

    To consult the results, go to, Postgraduate Section, in the Results option, according to the calendar established in the call. 

  • 12. Carry out the registration procedures

    If you are admitted, consult with the Curricular Coordination of the graduate program or with the Office of Registration at the campus where you were admitted, the calendar of the Registration Process and do the required to consolidate the enrollment.